5 unbelievably easy Middle Eastern & North African cuisine 

Middle Eastern cuisine goes beyond hummus and falafel. You can find styles of cooking that span the region and span centuries, from Persian to Levantine and Turkish to North African. The Middle East is a diverse area with many flavors and cuisines. The Middle East and North African region has some of the most diverse and delicious cuisines in the world. From rice and vegetables to soups and kebabs, this region has something for everyone. The food that’s eaten here is influenced by neighboring countries like Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and India. 

The Middle East is a vast region with many different cultures and cuisines. The Arab states of the Middle East are mostly desert regions, with summer temperatures reaching 50°C or higher. This has had a major impact on their food habits. North African cuisine spans from Morocco to Libya and is also influenced by the climate, as the region is mainly dry and hot year round. Spices like saffron are very common in North African cooking to add flavor to dishes like couscous. 

Here are some middle eastern and north African recipes you can find on the Plate Up App. 

Egyptian Dukkah Chicken - Barbara Cox

Egyptian Recipes | middle eastern chicken recipes | Plate Up | middle eastern food recipes | recipe for middle eastern chicken

Dukkah is a dry mixture of seeds and Middle-Eastern spices that originated in ancient Egypt which, at the time, was situated at the crossroads of a prominent spice route. The chicken is essentially covered with a range of seeds, in this dish you’ll see pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and coriander seeds as well as cumin. They add a lot of brilliant texture and flavour to the dish. 

Ful Medames (Egyptian Bean Salad) - Tess Challis

Egyptian Dishes| Middle eastern cuisine | Plate Up | middle eastern vegetarian recipes

This classic Egyptian bean dish is a stew of cooked beans. It’s simple to make and overflowing with vibrant flavour. The beans are a great source of iron, fibre, and protein. The parsley and garlic are immune boosting and detoxifying. It’s such a great dish because it uses very staple ingredients which you may be able to find lying around your kitchen, including tomato, lemon, and garlic. It’s perfect for those with busy lives as it takes about 5 minutes to make if you’re quick with a chopping board! 

Crispy Falafel Salad - Tess Challis

Easy Falafel Recipe | Middle Eastern Cuisine | Plate Up | middle eastern recipe | middle eastern food recipes

This salad has everything - falafels, a rainbow of nutrient-dense vegetables, and tahini dressing. For an extra fun kick, top each salad with a sprinkle of za’atar. This recipe uses 'Crispy Oven Baked Falafel' and 'Easy Tahini-Herb Dressing.'

North African Chickpea and Vegetable Tagine - Nutrition Facts

North African Cuisine | Moroccan Cuisine | Plate Up | middle eastern vegetable recipes | north african food

Lots of spices combine with lots of veggies for a great-tasting dish that is especially good served over quinoa or brown, red, or black rice. Common to North African cuisine, tagine refers both to the earthenware pot in which the food is cooked as well as the food itself.

Classic Shakshuka - Lauren Shockey

Shakshuka Recipe | Vegetarian Lunch Ideas | Plate Up | north african food

Shakshuka, which consists of eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce, hails from Northern Africa, but is most relished as breakfast in Israel. Use a smaller frying pan for this dish so the liquid doesn’t evaporate as quickly and make sure to have plenty of crusty bread or toasted pitta on hand to sop up the extra sauce.

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