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5 insanely good Caribbean recipes

The Caribbean has some of the world's most delicious and unique foods.In case you haven't noticed, the summer months are a time for indulging. Whether you're looking to enjoy the warm weather or just want to eat some delicious Caribbean food, we've got you covered! From savory favorites like jerk chicken and island prawns to sweet treats like churros and ice cream, we've got a list of dishes that are sure to make your mouth water. Whether you're looking for a quick snack or something to enjoy at home, these recipes will have you spoiling yourself all summer long. So pull up a chair, put on some sunscreen, and let's get started!

Reggae Reggae Jackfruit Burger with Sweet Potato Wedges

This burger  is an easy vegan meal that is full of flavour! The jackfruit is cooked with our special Reggae Reggae Sauce, making it the perfect substitute for your typical beef or chicken burger.. Serve with crispy, spiced potato wedges for a delicious and easy burger night meal.

Reggae Reggae Caribbean Curry - Levi Roots

Raggae sauce with creamy coconut and fragrant herbs and spices. When you eat this, you won't want any other sauces or condiments because this sauce is so damn good that it takes all the attention away from everything else. The fluffy light basmati rice and the creaminess of the curry, spicy seafood and scrumptious sauces have made its place in the hearts of many a foodie who loves their cuisine to be rich in flavours and authentic. If this is you, make sure to get your hands on this recipe!

Reggae Reggae Rasta Tuna Pasta - Levi Roots

This rasta tuna pasta recipe adds a Jamaican twist to Italian ingredients with fruity Reggae Reggae Sauce, fragrant spices and fresh pineapple not to mention the extra tomatoes, spring onions and parsley topping for a real flavour hit.

Reggae Reggae Jerk Chicken with Rice 'n' Peas - Levi Roots

A reggae song with a catchy tune is always loved by all music lovers and this recipe will do the same. It's no wonder that jerk chicken is one of the most celebrated Caribbean dishes. Levi's takes this global with a delicious blend of sweet and spicy jerk chicken served with fragrant coconut rice. Jerk chicken is famous for its combination of savory, smoky flavors and hint of sweetness, so you can be sure to enjoy every bite.

Jamaican Banana and Caramel Pudding - Jo Pratt

This indulgent and comforting pudding magically creates its own rich molten caramel and rum sauce when baking, sitting beneath a banana and coconut sponge. It’s a real crowd pleaser, making it ideal to serve when entertaining, yet it is also quick enough to prepare that you can enjoy it as a mid-week treat.

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