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5 Delicious and easy to make recipes from Jo Pratt

Jo Pratt has a wide range of skill sets, including working as a presenter, author, food stylist, chef and an author. Born and raised near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, a city well-known for its pork pies and often referred to as England's food capital, her fascination with food began from an early age. 

She has helped famed chefs like Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Gary Rhodes with their cookbooks, television shows, and live demonstrations.

Gordon Ramsay describes Jo’s flexible pescatarian book as: 

A collection of versatile, quick and simple pescatarian inspired dishes, for all to enjoy”.

There are several recipes on the Plate Up app that are featured in her best-selling books, ‘The Flexible Family Cookbook’ and ‘The Flexible Pescatarian Cookbook.’ At Plate Up, you can find a hand picked selection of these delicious recipes, including:

Harissa Baked Fish & Couscous

Harissa is originally from Tunisia and is a chilli paste made from spices and herbs which give it a spicy aroma. It’s widely used in North Africa and the Middle east but here it’s used to marinate the fish. The lemon in this recipe gives the dish a tang and balances out perfectly with the harissa. This healthy dish can give you many of your 5 a day as it includes chantenay carrots, radish and lemon. Couscous is served as a fantastic companion to the baked fish, making the dish a lot more filling. 

Indian ‘dosa’ with spiced sweet potato

Authentic dosa pancakes are made by soaking, blending and fermenting black gram lentils (urad dal) and rice. Delicious as they are, I wanted to make a recipe that can be made without too much advance thought and preparation. So, this is my take on dosa pancakes, which are wrapped around an aromatic spiced sweet potato and chickpea filling. I like to serve these with some mango chutney and coconut yoghurt mixed with chopped coriander and lime juice, or raita.

Gnocci Tomato & Aubergine Bake

We all need a few quick and easy weeknight suppers to rely on and this could soon become one of your regulars. It’s well worth keeping a bag of fresh gnocchi in the fridge for emergency suppers. Double up on quantities and make a couple of trays if you’ve an army of kids to feed. If you want to make it go even further, serve with some garlic bread and a big green salad.

Chocolate meringue mousse cake

Five simple ingredients is all it takes to make this utterly gorgeous dessert. It’s neither too sweet nor too rich, with a deeply chocolatey mousse-like centre, beneath a thin crackly layer of cocoa dusted meringue. What’s not to love? I find this is a perfect do-ahead dessert as I can make it a few hours ahead or even the night before. It becomes more dense as time goes by, so any leftovers can still be enjoyed a couple of days later.

Jamaican banana and caramel pudding

This indulgent and comforting pudding magically creates its own rich molten caramel and rum sauce when baking, sitting beneath a banana and coconut sponge. It’s a real crowd pleaser, making it ideal to serve when entertaining, yet it is also quick enough to prepare that you can enjoy it as a mid-week treat. Next time you have an overripe banana, don’t throw it out, give this pudding a go. The riper it is the sweeter and more intense the flavour.


Like what you see and what to check out Jo’s flexible creations? You can by clicking the links below to purchase her books.

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Buy The Flexible Pescatarian

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