12 Pumpkin Recipes for a Spooky Halloween


It’s my favourite holiday of the year — a time of pumpkins, fancy dress and super eerie vibes... It’s spooky season!

Whether you’re able to take your kids out trick or treating this year or not (or yourself if you’re a big kid — no judgement here), a bit of creepy cooking and blood-curdling baking never hurt anyone. On that note, I’ve picked the best pumpkin recipes by Plate Up chefs so that you can cook up a storm over your cauldron and celebrate Halloween as all holidays should be celebrated — with lots and lots of food.

Let the spookiness begin!

The best pumpkin recipes for Halloween

Raw vegan pumpkin pie with hazelnuts & maple

Looks delicious, tastes delicious, and is far healthier than your average pumpkin pie. Made with coconut cream, coconut sugar, dates, nuts and other healthy ingredients, this pie by vegan chef Rachel Carr allows you to indulge without the enormous amount of calories. So, does that mean it’s okay to eat it all in one go? Asking for a friend…

Recipe here.

Roasted pumpkin & cauliflower soup

Is there anything better than soup on a cool, autumn day? This recipe by Lee Holmes is not only warming, flavourful, and homely, but it’s bursting with nutrients too. Lee considers this a mindful meal as the heat of the soup naturally forces you to slow down when eating it. Why should you care about mindful eating? “It helps signal to the brain that you’re full, so you don’t overeat or undereat,” she says, and it “improves the gut-mind connection.”

Recipe here.

Pumpkin spice doughnuts

Being a doughnut-lover, this is one of my favourite recipes of the bunch. These doughnuts by Marcella DiLonardo contain pumpkin pie spices and the glaze is made with real pumpkin to give it that perfect orange colour. Devour with a cup of tea for maximum satisfaction.

Recipe here.

Pumpkin & basil pesto houmous

A must-try if you love snacking on houmous and veg. In addition to being packed with flavour, this houmous is bold, bright, and beautiful, and is extra spooky if you serve it with the houmous in the pumpkin! Make sure to get vegetable sticks, breadsticks and tortilla chips to dip in. Mmm.

Recipe here.

Vegan pumpkin pancakes

Start the 31st of October right with these moist, fluffy, and mouth-watering pancakes by Hannah, creator of Lovely Delites. As well as being vegan, these pancakes are gluten-free, have no added sugar and can be whipped up in just 15 minutes. Top with granola butter, maple butter, yoghurt and pumpkin seeds for the full works.

Recipe here.

Roasted baby pumpkin stuffed with truffled wild rice & mushroom

If you want to get fancy, then this is your meal! The filling is oh-so creamy — like a risotto — and the truffle oil gives the dish a feeling of decadence. Topped with gluten-free mushroom gravy and served inside a baby pumpkin, this recipe by Rachel Carr is very spooky indeed.

Recipe here.

Pumpkin cheesecake

There’s never a time when cheesecake isn’t appropriate. And, when it’s healthy, it’s even better. This creamy pumpkin cheesecake by Fleur, creator of Nourishing Foods, is drizzled with tahini coconut caramel and makes for the perfect Halloween dessert.

Recipe here.

Pumpkin & chickpea burgers

If you’re a burger-enthusiast like me and want to try not only a spooky but healthier burger, this is your recipe. These vegan burgers by Viva! are fun to make, and are full of flavour and texture. Serve in a bun with lettuce, tomato, vegan cheese and a sauce of your choice.

Recipe here.

Pumpkin & chocolate bread

This pumpkin and chocolate bread tastes as good as it looks. And, if the bread alone wasn’t already delicious enough, it’s drizzled with melted chocolate to make it extra scrumptious. This recipe by Brit Woodruff is completely plant-based too!

Recipe here.

Pumpkin, mushroom & sage brown rice risotto

Doesn’t it sound incredible? This risotto by Lee Holmes is homely and comforting — the perfect dinner recipe for these colder days. Lee uses brown rice as a healthier alternative as the fibre helps to lower cholesterol and aid digestion.

Recipe here.

Pumpkin glazed scones

This recipe by Marcella DiLonardo consists of a pumpkin spiced scone with two (yes, two) glazes. The sweetness of the glazes compliments the pumpkin spice flavour of the scone; indeed, you could call it a match made in heaven. Serve with a hot cup of tea for an afternoon treat.

Recipe here.

Pumpkin cocktails

Some cocktails to finish off, because what’s a holiday without a little bit of alcohol? Featuring a Spiced Pumpkin Martini and a Pumpkin Old-Fashioned, these cocktails by Rachel Carr definitely go down a treat. They look super cool too!

Recipe here.

Have a happy Halloween!

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