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About Us

The Plate Up app allows you to order your weekly meal plans, with recipes by top culinary experts, and get the ingredients delivered via your local supermarket. With hundreds of meals at your fingertips and meal plans to suit every need, the app allows you to complete a weekly food shop in 5 minutes or less. Plate Up saves you time on your food shop, so that you have more time to do the things you actually enjoy. 

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to save people time on their food shop. We believe that after a long week at work, the last thing people should have to do is chores. You deserve to spend your weekends doing the things you enjoy, and being able to do a food shop quickly allows you to do exactly that. 

Our Vision

We envision a world where ordering your weekly food shop is as easy and as quick as getting a taxi or a takeaway. Where all you have to do is tap a button or two, and you're done.

Product Features

The two main features of the app are Order Meals and Cook a Meal. You can also select your household size and dietary preference, and the app will automatically calculate your serving sizes and only show you meals appropriate to your diet.

Order Meals

Pick from a wide selection of weekly meal plans and hundreds of meals, then add them to your basket and checkout with your supermarket here.

Cook a Meal

When your delivery arrives and you're ready to cook, view cooking instructions here. Meals you've ordered will automatically show up here, and you can save other meals here too.

The app is currently exclusively available to download on iOS for a monthly subscription of £1.99. It can be downloaded and trialled free for 14 days from the App Store using this link.

Fast Facts

  • 18,000+
    recipe views

  • 6,700+
    app downloads

  • 330+
    recipes available to order

Meet the Chefs


We partner with restaurants and other great places to eat.

Our top restaurants include Grind, Redemption Bar and Caravan Restaurants.


We partner with food and drink brands, charities and nutrition services.

Our top brands include Veganuary, Seedlip and


We partner with published authors, professional chefs and nutritionists with a range of specialities.

Our top individuals include Peta Leith, Lee Holmes and Kimberly Parsons.


Conor Boyle

Co-founder & COO

Conor is a lawyer by trade and a foodie by nature. Having invested in several successful food and beverage companies, he is applying this experience as Plate Up’s COO. Conor’s goal is to enable people to have access to a wonder array of good food with just a few taps of their phone. Conor wants to facilitate people to “eat well, feel well and live well."

In his spare time Conor loves to play tennis and, time and weather permitting, golf!

Jack Martin

Co-founder & CEO

Jack has served in Senior PMO and Analytics positions at several international law firms. After a decade in the industry designing and managing the rollout of software, he is now leading the charge to improve Britain’s access to a less stressful shop, pixel by pixel.

In his spare time Jack likes to keep the neighbours amused with renditions of classic Oasis numbers on the guitar.

Plate Up was founded after Jack found his weekly food shop to be a huge chore. From trawling through cookbooks to writing down ingredients and then going to the supermarket, he was exhausted! This is when the vision for Plate Up was created: a service which helps save people time on their food shop, from meal planning to the supermarket.

Brand Assets

Our current brand assets, including logos, app images, chef images and recipe images, can be found below. Or, to download our full media kit, please click on the button at the top of this page.