Order the ingredients for recipes, from top culinary experts, delivered via your local supermarket.

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We tailor our recipes to your dietary preferences

Unlike most meal kits, our app tailors your weekly shop to your dietary preferences. We'll cut out any ingredients that are not right for you or your family and only suggest meals that meet your dietary needs.

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From the recipe books of experts to your kitchen

Sit back and relax as we make deciding your weekly meals easier. Browse our categories and choose any recipe you fancy. Still stuck on choosing a meal? Go for our Meal of the Week.

Iphone 12 pro silver vertical - shows recipes from the plate up app. - Recipes shown are black bean tacos with guacamole and salad, easy asparagus risotto

A passionate community full of expertise

Simply choose from one of our four Health Goals and, like a personal nutritionist, the app will calculate foods and recipes that are.

become a chef

Order and relax as we automatically grab all your ingredients

The app will automatically turn your chosen meals into ingredients. Then, working with our retailers, they’re delivered direct to your door from your preferred local supermarket.

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Our delivery partners
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When your ingredients arrive, cook like a pro with chef's instructions

When your delivery arrives from your supermarket, go to Cook Meals in the app and follow the chef's instructions.

P.S. No recipe cards or books are required so not a single tree has been harmed in the process!

Iphone pro silver verticle - picture of the step-by-step recipe page on the plate up app shown once you've chosen your meal. - Recipe shown here is lemon chicken noodle soup.
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Some of our top meals to order

Simply choose from one of our four Health Goals and, like a personal nutritionist, the app will calculate foods and recipes that are.

meet the chefs
  • Thai Lamb Curry
    Hard Prep • Thai • ££££ • 690 kcals • 240 mins
  • Coconut Prawns & Lime Aioli
    Easy Prep • Spanish • £ • 383 kcals • 15 mins
  • Bean Tacos with Guacamole
    Medium Prep • Mexican • £ • 312 kcals • 30 mins
  • Korean-Fried Chicken Wings
    Medium prep • Korean • £ • 952 Kcals • 45 mins
  • Maki Rolls
    Medium Prep • Asian • £ • 655 kcals • 35 mins
  • Harissa Sweet Potato Cakes with Eggs
    Easy Prep • European • £ • 439 kcals • 15 mins