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Pick your meals for the week from our recipes and get all the ingredients sent to you by your local supermarket.

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    Cook up
    some joy

    Turn easy-to-follow chef recipes
    into a shopping list and get the ingredients, plus anything else you need, delivered by your local supermarket.

    How it works
    Choose recipes you like from a big variety of Celebrity chefs
    Review ingredients and take out anything you don't need
    Choose delivery & checkout from your local Supermarket and add on any extra household items you want
    Load up the app and start cooking up some joy
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    Get your groceries delivered by :

    Ignite your passion
    for cooking

    with delicious 30 min weeknight dinners from celebrity chefs that are easy to follow and easy to make.

    Save serious money

    on your weekly food bill with no subscriptions and no price mark-ups on ingredients. Shop as and when you want.

    Save loads of time and drop any top-up shops

    by shopping for everything you need in one go. Get the recipes you want and the shampoo you need in one go.

    What our customers say:
    "Too good to be true, linking your recipes to your supermarket shop.”
    - Louise P.
    "It feels like it has all of the good points that Hello Fresh would give you, without forgetting to cancel the subscription and feeling annoyed you still went to Tesco to buy a load of stuff anyway"
    - Caroline G.
    “It’s like the meal box companies without the annoying subscriptions”
    - Marianna H.


    Is it a subscription?

    Nope. Plate Up is not a subscription and there are no price mark-up’s on ingredients. Shop recipes and ingredients as and when suits you.

    How does delivery work?

    You choose which Supermarket you would like to get your ingredients delivered by, and your recipe basket will get transferred to your Supermarket of choice to checkout. Your chosen Supermarket will deliver all your ingredients for your chosen recipes plus anything else you need.

    Yes. You can filter by several dietary needs or preferences from Vegan to Pescatarian. You can also filter by several allergies such as Eggs, Gluten or Soya plus more.

    What's the benefit vs. Tesco delivery?

    With Plate Up you can choose from over 500 easy to make Celebrity chef recipes and get the ingredients added to your delivery alongside your normal shop from Tesco.

    How does it work?

    You choose which recipes you would like and the ingredients automatically get added to your basket. Review your ingredients and take out anything you don’t need, then choose delivery from your preferred Supermarket and add any extra items you want with your supermarket of choice. All your recipe ingredients, plus any other items you choose will be delivered by your preferred Supermarket.

    Meet some of our chefs
    Nisha Katona
    Dean Edwards
    Levi Roots
    Jo Pratt
    Jose Pizarro
    Cyrus Todiwala

    View some of our top meals to order

    • Air-Fryer Aubergine Parmigiana
      Easy Prep • Italian • 15 mins
    • Chicken and Spinach Curry
      Medium Prep • Indian • 30 mins
    • Pistachio Rigatoni
      Easy Prep • Italian • 20 mins
    • Salted Caramel Apple Pie
      Easy prep • American • 35 mins
    • Mustard and Rosemary Toad-in-the-hole with Cider Gravy
      Easy Prep • British • 45 mins
    • Hearty Shakshuka
      Easy Prep • Middle-Eastern • 25 mins