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What is Plate Up?

Plate Up is a meal planning, purchase and preparation platform and website which lets you browse 100s of  recipes allowing you to meal plan your week and adjust serving sizes for each recipe to as little or as many people as required. All recipes are curated  by our team of celebrity chefs and talented home cooks which are turned into smart grocery shops in your shopping basket, and then delivered by your chosen favourite supermarket.

Best of all, you can access all of this absolutely free!

Helping you plate up delicious dinners, hassle-free

What is the benefit of using Plate Up?

Plate Up is aimed at making your life easier. We know how stressful grocery shopping and meal planning can be.  Our platform allows you to browse 100s of recipes catering for all dietary requirements so you can meal plan your week ahead for the amount you need in your household.  Recipes are then transferred to your chosen supermarket where you can continue your normal food shop grabbing those essentials from milk to shampoo!

It is that simple & easy!

Is Plate Up free?

Plate Up is absolutely free!

There is no charge to use our service. You just need to register so you can add the recipes to your basket and then check out with your chosen supermarket.

There is no mark up on supermarket prices. The price of ingredients you see in the platform are set by the supermarkets themselves.

Can I compare supermarket prices?

Yes! Our platform allows you to compare your basket price against Tesco, Sainsburys & Ocado in just one click.

We are bringing more supermarkets on board in the future as we grow.

How are your recipes categorised?

We have listened to our customers & categorised our recipes in to 3 pillars to help make meal planning easy for you.

We have: Quick Meals, Make Ahead & Family Favourites.

Each recipe will fall under one of these categories allowing you the flexibility to select recipes in your preferred category to suit you and your time.

Our recipes are frequently updated to show you new recipes from our chefs.

Will there be waste?

We  help minimise waste as much as we can, whether that is food or product packaging.

Our platform allows you to remove ingredients from your chosen recipes that you already have at home as well as allowing you to alter the serving size (recipe dependent) for the number of people you are cooking each recipe for.

Recipes will also be clearly labelled if they are suitable for freezing allowing you to enjoy left overs a couple of days later.

How can I contact you if I am struggling with something?

We want to ensure your experience using our platform is seamless & it helps take the stress out of grocery shopping and meal planning however if you do have any feedback on the platform or you are struggling, please do contact us by emailing

All of the food deliveries from our service are handled directly by the supermarket retailers themselves. For further information about your order then please reach out to your preferred retailer directly, using the details provided below:

0345 656 1234

0800 323 4040

0800 328 1700

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Want to work with us?

Contact us here, and let us know what your area of expertise is and how you would like to collaborate with us and a member of the team will respond as soon as possible.

How is cost per serving calculated?

The cost per serving is calculated based on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

• The serving size recommend by the chef;
• The cost of core ingredients for that serving size from your chosen supermarket; and
• The total number and type of recipes you selected.

Therefore, the actual cost per serving may be different at checkout based on these variables which have been updated to suit your specific needs.