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If you have a question about the service then why not check out some of the most common questions our customers ask below.

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What is Plate Up?

Plate Up is an app which lets you order the ingredients for recipes, designed by top culinary experts, and get them delivered via your local supermarket. You can pick from a selection of hundreds of meals, including breakfasts and snacks as well as lunches and dinners.

Best of all, you can access all of this absolutely free!

How can I become a chef?

If you are a chef or nutritionist looking to work with us and our members to promote your content and use our analytics tools to receive free insights then you can apply to become a chef.

All of the food deliveries from our service are handled directly by the supermarket retailers themselves. For further information about your order then please reach out to your preferred retailer directly, using the details provided below:

0345 656 1234

0800 323 4040

0800 188 884

0800 328 1700

Sainsbury's Help | Contact Us
How often do you add new content?

There are hundreds of meals on the app and we are constantly working with top chefs to add more delicious recipes. Our aim is to release new meals and meal plans every month. However, sometimes it may take a little longer — you can’t rush creativity and we want to ensure we release only the highest quality of recipes!

If you are a chef, or you know a chef that you would like to see on the app, please contact us via our become a chef page.

Do you have a free trial?

As of December 2nd, 2021 we no longer have any charge to use our service at all... which means no need for a trial as you can you will have unlimited access to all of our your favourite chefs and recipes for absolutely free!

Do you offer corporate discounts?

If you are a company with over 50+ employees and would like to discuss a corporate discount to help your employees save time on their weekly food shop and cook delicious meals by top chefs, then please reach out to a member of our support team to discuss what options we can offer you.

Is there someone I can talk to about the app?

Absolutely! You can send us an email and a member of our team will aim to respond within 24 hours.

Do you have ideas around new features, plans or content you would like to see in the App?

If so then reach out to us so we can hear what you have to say. You can send us an email or contact us on our Instagram account to start a discussion.

Want to work with us?

Contact us here and let us know what your area of expertise is and how you would like to collaborate with us.

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