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Frequently asked questions

Our app will be available exclusively to the App Store and comes with a 3 day free trial that can be cancelled at anytime. If you like the app then you can subscribe to one of our low fee plans via the App Store.

How do I get my recipes on to Plate Up?

Recipes, known as Meals, and Menus on Plate Up are delivered via our purpose built website application for Chefs. If you are signed to a publisher, we can work with them to get your content onto Plate Up on your behalf should you prefer to do a batch upload to your profile rather than submit your meals individually. If you are independent, then you can sign up to the website and will need to have to your account approved by a member of the Plate up team before being able to upload via the web application. 

Note: The approval process normally can take up to 24 hours from the point of  application. Once granted, you will have access to an analytics dashboard containing all your consumer data. You will also be able to manage your profile’s images, bio, web links and more.

How can I manage my chef profile on Plate Up?

Your chef profile is your voice to the community and is where fans can discover more about what’s happening with you. This your platform for them to do their weekly shop via one of your suggested menus, read about your newest books and releases, find out where you’re touring, and even link to your website to buy your latest items.

Plate Up for Chefs puts you in charge of managing your Chef profile. Once you get access, you’re able to update your profile picture, write your bio, and update your meal and menu gallery, all from one place. If you don’t have access to Plate Up for Chefs, get access here.

For more info and tips on managing your profile, check out our chef guide.

How do I upload a meals or menu?

To upload your meals and menus, you can do so by navigating to menu item of the same name at the top of the page. Once there, in the top right hand corner will be a blue button, like the image below, which you can then and fill out the forms with the relevant information.


Upload a meal button


Information you can upload includes:

  • Meal / Menu name
  • Meal / Menu description
  • Photography
  • Ingredient list (or meal list if a menu)

Meal specific items include:

  • Cooking directions
  • Total prep & cook time
  • Cuisine type
  • Default number of servings (this can be adjusted in app by customers) 
  • Meal type e.g. Breakfast, Lunch / Dinner, Snack

Once we receive the information from yourself or your publisher, the changes will be reviewed and reflected on our side as soon as possible. In the meantime you will see your latest creation appear your list with a small clock symbol next to its name that shows it is still awaiting approval.

How do I update the content of my meals and menus?

To make corrections to your meals and menus, you can do so via the chef website in the relevant section. Once there, navigate to the meal or menu you would like to change and click the edit icon, update the relevant sections and then resubmit with the new information.

Information you can change will be the same as that available when uploaded. Please refer to the question above this one for a more detailed list.Once we receive the updated information from yourself or your publisher, the changes will be reviewed and reflected on our side as soon as possible. 

Please note: we are unable to submit live changes into the app because we need to review and ensure that any intended changes are appropriate for our audience. 

My content is on a chef profile with the same name. How do I correct this?

If your meals or menus end up on a different chef profile, or if another chef’s content appears on your profile, we can get that fixed for you quickly. You have two options for addressing these errors—either reach out to your publisher and follow their instructions, or contact the Plate Up for Chefs support team and let us know that there’s content on the wrong chef profile. We will respond as soon as we can to get the details we need to correct the error.

How often are my stats updated on Plate Up for Chefs?

Your meal stats are updated once a day at approximately 12:00am, UK time. Days in Plate Up for Chefs are based on either the BST or GMT time zones depending on the time of year (e.g. if you release a meal at 10:00pm EST, your data may not be reflected for that release day in Plate Up for Chefs as it's 03:00am GMT).

How are views and orders counted?

At its core Plate Up is very much a meal-centric service and as such the statistics we provide to our chefs are centred around this idea too. 

Meal Stats are broken down into two key metrics in the app; views and orders as follows: 

  • A view is counted when a customer either opens the detailed view of a  meal or when they add it to their basket i.e. in simpler terms a view is what we refer to as a ‘key interaction’ with a meal.
  • An order is counted when a customer confirms that they ordered that meal from their supermarket of choice.

At this stage we do not currently have the ability on Plate Up for Chefs to track views and orders at the Menu level but this is something we are working on.

Please Note: Our figures are generated using a formula that protects against any artificial inflation of these figures.

Can I compare my stats with other Chefs’ stats?

If so then reAt a high level the answer is yes, via our Rank function which can be seen via the Plate Up for Chefs web application. You can find it in the top left hand corner of the navigation bar next to your profile picture and with a few more time related details on your Analytics page. The rank function itself is based off of ‘meals ordered’ for the given time period as we deem this to be our greatest indicator of customer satisfaction.

If you or another chef have released meals or menus recently on Plate Up then you may potentially see a spike in Rank for that week / month due to the increased orders but these are usually flattened out over longer periods.

Note: Chefs can only see the rank information regarding other chefs at this high-level and it is not directly shared with our customers either. Only people who have been given access to your chef account can see your detailed stats.ach out to us so we can hear what you have to say. You can send us an email or contact us on our Instagram account to start a discussion.

Who are my fans?

Fans are unique customers who either view (or order) your meals during the time period specified. If someone views your meals or menus multiple times over a short period, they only get counted once.You can see how many views and orders you have by navigating to the Analytics section of the Plate Up for Chefs web application. The various sections there give you a detailed look at the number of people looking at and ordering your food from Plate Up. These numbers can be especially helpful for tracking engagement after trialling out new creations on the app.

How far back do my stats go?

Views and Orders of meals are available from January, 2020, or from when your meal was first available on Plate Up, whichever came first.

Can I see the stats for my new creation?

In the Plate Up for Chefs website application, you can track your new creation in real time. Just open the site and head to either the meal or menu tab. Then navigate down the page until you see your meal or menu and it will have the number of views and orders displayed next to it.

Please note: Our numbers are refreshed at midnight every day, UK time.

Why don’t I see all of the Menus that my Meals have been added to in Plate Up for Chefs?

Outside of your own menus the only menus that your meals will appear on are those created and curated by the Plate Up team. Often we will run ‘What’s Trending, ‘Seasonal’, ‘Cuisine Based’ or ‘Special Event’ based menus where we may feature your food in one of the Top 20 home page spots on the App.

What is the clock icon next to the meal / menu name in my Meal / Menu section?

After uploading a meal or menu to the Plate Up for Chefs site you may see a small clock symbol  next to its name. This is to indicate that it the item is awaiting approval by a member of the Plate Up team. 

Note: The approval process can take up to 24 hours from the point of submission, so we thank you for your patience during this period.

What do the arrows next to my stats mean?

The trend arrows in the Analytics section of the Plate Up for chefs site show you changes for that particular metric compared to the previous comparable time period. E.g. with the drop down selection on ‘This Week’ and a green arrow accompanied by a ‘2’ showing below your Rank - this would indicate that you have moved up 2 positions on the site this week, compared to last week.

Why do I see a “—” instead of stats?

You’ll see a “—” when looking at your stats in Plate Up for Chefs for a couple of reasons:

  • You have a stat for the last year or month, but when you filter at a month or week level that stat drops to zero.
  • For the date in question your meal was not yet uploaded to the site.
How do I change the business email associated with my Plate Up for Chefs account?
  1. Log in to Plate Up for Chefs.
  2. Open the Account section by clicking on it from the menu at the top of the page.
  3. Scroll down to where it says ‘E-mail Address’ as shown in the image below .
  4. Click in the ‘E-mail’ text box.
  5. Edit business email information as desired.
  6. Click ‘Update’ button.
Email address box in the form

Note: You’ll receive notifications at this email. Your email is not shared with our users via your profile in the app. However, any updates made to your username (alias), bio, our website will be reflected in the App.

How do I sign out of my Plate Up for Chefs account?
  1. Whilst logged in to Plate Up for Chefs navigate to your Account section.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. Click the ‘Sign Out’ button above the located the Update button, as shown in the graphic below.
Sign out button on the chef website

Is Plate Up for Chefs available in other languages?

At this moment, Plate Up for Chefs is only available in English, but we plan to add more languages in the future.