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What are the benefits Joining Our Chef Family?

Dedicated Chef Page

The chef page is essentially a profile for our chefs on the plate up app, where our users can learn more about the chef as well as access to promotional links to the chefs website/blog or published books.

Personalised Blog Post

The blog post is a way of welcoming a new chef onto the Plate Up app, as well as to promote the latest book along with its recipes.

These blogs will be posted onPlate Up news and further promoted on certain Plate Up social media platforms including: LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

Personalised Newsletter

After the promotional blog entries have been published, we concentrate on email marketing by creating our newsletter. We send a dedicated email promoting each of our chefs to our ever growing Plate Up community.

Social Media Posts

Plate Up is present across social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. We also have accounts on YouTube and TikTok where we post our video content.

Our promotional social media content is shared on all of our social media platforms, where it produces organic engagement with our community.

Paid Ads

Our created promotional content is also posted to Google and Facebook through paid ad campaigns that we build from the ground up utilising popular ad sets and keywords that our target audience is guaranteed to be interested in, ensuring that only the correct customers are exposed to our marketing material.

These paid advertisements are run on a specific budget that is allocated to them to ensure that the platform gives them the appropriate amount of exposure.

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Our mission is what drives us to improve the nation’s health. We do that by providing a tailored healthy food delivery platform that brings together chefs and their fans, at a price they can afford.

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